Digital Marketing is a process which uses digital platforms like the search engine, emails, websites, videos, mobile phones, apps to reach to the prospective customers who would be willing to pay for the products or services offered.

To be a digital marketer you don’t need a prior knowledge of programming or an IT background. You can choose digital marketing as your career if you are comfortable in using computer/laptop and internet. 

The traditional marketing has been on a constant decline since the starting of the century. Moreover, conventional marketing is quite expensive and hence only large companies or MNCs could ever think about spending in it. But since Digital Marketing provides budget flexibility, ability to target customer groups, better conversion ratios and even Analytics to give up a complete picture of our marketing campaigns, it’s no wonder that every form of business can employ it. Whether it’s a big MNC like Coca-Cola or a startup, right near your place, anyone can employ it to reach their prospective customers.

The demand-supply chain is clearly not in balance and with time, the gap is expected to increase. It’s the job opportunities where the scope of digital marketing is limitless. It can be evident from the fact that there are 19,000+ jobs available in India. 

Skill Set Required to Build a Successful Career in Digital Marketing:

  • Creativity

  • Analytical Ability

  • Communication Skills

  • A quest for Learning

  • Passion for Digital Media

  • Multitasking

  • Networking

  • Comfort with Technology

  • Willingness to Experiment

Career Path as a Digital Marketer:

Though you may start at a low salary, you may end up experiencing exponential growth once you start gaining experience and developing your skills.

Digital Marketer Salary Ladder

You even have the other career path available. After becoming professional as a digital marketer, you can go for a data analyst and then to a data scientist.

Some more Facts: